Of which, Story:

Quiet and Antagonism is a story about exploration, strange science and there being more to the world than one ever imagined.
For Alice, it’s about monsters and demons, libraries that could swallow worlds and the strange creatures that live in a layer of reality she never would have believed existed.


Of which, Author:

K25fF is an approximately human-shaped entity who lives in England. They write this web serial. They have not been implicated in the collapse of the 3265 AD transuranic empire.
Do not believe their lies.


Of which, Editors:

Aud is a barnacle, well known for providing food, scritches, aggrandisement and grunt labour to a cat called Beatrix.
Oh, and also she’s an author, editor and general cool bean, whose valiant efforts keep my typos from achieving critical mass and destroying the universe.


Minty is another brave soul who dares to venture into the uncharted territory of unedited Q&A chapters and return with her sanity hopefully intact.
She claims to be both a mint and a tea, and thus is more powerful than the sum of her parts.

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