Table of Contents

It is here that you will find the compendium of previously-written words.
Explore at your own risk.

Prologue – αποκάλυψις

Act 1: Biblichor

1: Required Reading
2: Censory Deprivation
3: The Plains of Simple Truth
4: The Hotel of Kallie Formica
5: Propheteering
6: Caught Red-Handed
7: A Void Dance
i: Γαια
ii: Investigative Journalism

Act 2: Exegesis

8: Stuff and Nonsense
9: Æthers and Shipping
10: The Plains of Hard Fact
11: Would, for the Tree
12: Omniphidiance
13: For the Original Story was One With Pictures In
14: Age of Flame
15: Laboratory Magic
16: Dramattical
17: Dreams and Visions
18: Carpalithos
19: Mostly Humanless
20: The Rain, In Plain, Falls Mainly On The Train
21: Conversational Mortality
22: Indicies
iii: A Pleasant Chat
iv: In Which Red Does Something Dumb (Again)
v: Five Fathoms Deep, Beyond Their Eyes

Act 3: Carnivale

23: Fortunes Told, Pals Read
24: The Greatest Show, Unearthly
25: Fate or Flight
26: Carnivorous Carnival
27: Heath Robinson’s Quoits
28: Blurred Suckers
29: Haemoholics Anonymous
30: Regroup and Recoup
31: ReQuesting
32: Good Cop, Bad Carp
vi: Hollowed Hall
vii: Shelf Life

Act 4: Conspirator

33: Magic and Mayhem
34: Light Reading
35: Melville Morbidity
36: Coiled Impression
37: Haunting Houses, as in Houses That Haunt
38: A Pedestrian Sanctum
39: Much Walk About Nothing
40: A Handy Chat
41: Reticulatopolis
42: City Scarper
43: Chasing Pavements, as in Pavements That Chase
44: Last of House Triskelion
45: Recriminations and Reintroductions
46: War and Trees
47: Magi Babble of Magibabble
48: The Red Right Hand, It Plots and Schemes
49: Can It See Me In My Dreams?
viii: Never Open This Box
ix: Deathless
x: The Smell of Storms

Act 5: Penumbral

50: For the Serpent was more crafty than the other beasts