Table of Contents

It is here that you will find the compendium of previously-written words.

Explore at your own risk.

Prologue – αποκάλυψις

Act 1: Biblichor

1: Required Reading
2: Censory Deprivation
3: The Plains of Simple Truth
4: The Hotel of Kallie Formica
5: Propheteering
6: Caught Red-Handed
7: A Void Dance
i: Γαια
ii: Investigative Journalism

Act 2: Exegesis

8: Stuff and Nonsense
9: Æthers and Shipping
10: The Plains of Hard Fact
11: Would, for the Tree
12: Omniphidiance
13: For the Original Story was One With Pictures In
14: Age of Flame
15: Laboratory Magic
16: Dramattical
17: Dreams and Visions
18: Carpalithos
19: Mostly Humanless
20: The Rain, In Plain, Falls Mainly On The Train
21: Conversational Mortality
22: Indicies
iii: A Pleasant Chat
iv: In Which Red Does Something Dumb (Again)
v: Five Fathoms Deep, Beyond Their Eyes

Act 3: Carnivale

23: Fortunes Told, Pals Read
24: The Greatest Show, Unearthly
25: Fate or Flight
26: Carnivorous Carnival
27: Heath Robinson’s Quoits
28: Blurred Suckers
29: Haemoholics Anonymous
30: Regroup and Recoup
31: ReQuesting
32: Good Cop, Bad Carp
vi: Hollowed Hall
vii: Shelf Life

Act 4: Conspirator

33: Magic and Mayhem
34: Light Reading
35: Melville Morbidity
36: Coiled Impression
37: Haunting Houses, as in Houses That Haunt
38: A Pedestrian Sanctum
39: Much Walk About Nothing
40: A Handy Chat
41: Reticulatopolis
42: City Scarper
43: Chasing Pavements, as in Pavements That Chase
44: Last of House Triskelion
45: Recriminations and Reintroductions
46: War and Trees
47: Magi Babble of Magibabble
48: The Red Right Hand, It Plots and Schemes
49: Can It See Me In My Dreams?
viii: Never Open This Box
ix: Deathless
x: The Smell of Storms

Act 5: Penumbral

50: For the Serpent was more crafty than the other beasts
51: There’s a Snake in My Book
52: Panic Is Probably Warranted
53: Oh God, Not You Again
54: The White and the Grey
55: Script Seraph
56: Like a Patient Etherised Upon A Table
57: Ozone Odours
58: Let’s Go (Land)
59: Train the Body, Train the Mind
60: Second Meetings
61: Axiomatic
62: Another Pillar For The Roof Of The World
63: Lingua Frogger
xi: Form and Function
xii: Ashes to Ashes

Act 6: Arboreal

64: Safe Arbour
65: Something Cold, Something Dark, Something Borrowed, Something Red
66: Smogland Morning
67: Marsh Madness
68: Frog Family
69: Prophetic Fallacy
70: To Serve Their Turn
71: Into the Deep
72: Aquatics and Architecture
73: Bathyscape Getaway
74: A Series of Tubes
75: Answers and Questions
76: Red Spells in the Morning
77: Pneumatics
78: Upper Warrens of the Stormwall
79: Ghost Ferry Be Travel You?
80: Kickstart My Ride’s Heart
81: Goblin Engineering! Duck!
xiii: Quite A Long Time Ago
xiv: Starless Dark
xv: What’s Left Behind

Act 7: Philosophage

82: A Return To The Unfamiliar
١: An Ecolography
83: Confectiomancy
٢: Given Form
84: Darkness, Dread & Secrets
٣: Aidrailomon
85: Wyrms In The Brain
٤: The Song of Singularity
86: Bring not violence to the Moment of Peace
87: The Downside To Getting In Big Heroic Fights
88: Draco Delenda Est
89: The Affairs Of Dragon Hunters
90: Mineral Exposits
91: Back To Foyer
92: Edificibilities
93: Ouroboros, Youroboros
94: Deep in the Roots
95: Let’s Go Sail A Ship
xvi: To Seek, Mayhaps To Find
xvii: Music of the Spheres

Act 8: Adroit

97: Tread Quietly Toward The Tower
98: And Yet The Spire Hungers
99: Think Like Yourself
100: Up, Down and Around
101: Greeting Party
102: Nobody’s Home
103: The Heights, like a Reptile, Are Scaled
104: Waxen Walls
105: Stop Meeting Yourself
106: Sinister Doppelgänger
107: It’s A Boat Time
108: Al Dente
xviii: Avast, Me Hearties
xix: Filtration, Infiltration

Act 9: Mandibular

109: Up the Teeth Without A Paddle
110: Charondolier
111: Toothplaced
112: Keep of the Hunters
113: Hitting the Books, Hitting the Wyrms
114: Chart the STARs
115: Subplots Collide
116: High Speed Boat Chase
117: Alive in the Water
118: Theseus’ Dinghy
119: The Calm Before −
xx: Wait, not that storm, a different storm
xxi: Dramatic Irony

Act 10: Deathless

120: −The Storm
121: Perspectual Shift
122: The Pinions of the Spine
123: There Might Be Frying Pans And Fire Involved
124: Flight Scene
125: Occupationally Hazardous
126: Blunder in the Dark
127: The Meta-Force of Metaphors
128: Darker, Deeper
129: Boxes in the Basement
130: Escape from Murder-Dungeon
131: Reunion Picnic
132: Gang Together
133: Dead Roads
134: Through Mictlan
135: Revolving Library Door
xxii: Who Goes There?
xxiii: A Matter of Tim

Act 11: Earth

136: From Foyer to Atrium
137: Threshold
138: Imprint on the World
139: Forgetting
140: Dampire
141: House, but not Home
142: Courtesy Call
143: Don’t Acknowledge It
144: The Labyrinth of STAR